Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Over the last few days I've been considering the possibility of starting a new a little less personal and a little more professional. I would really like to start a blog that is designed to further cultivate the human-animal bond. A blog that has tips and tricks for your pets- whether its just helpful advice or concerns that you might not hear elsewhere- mixed with fun and random facts from veterinary medicine and stories about my own pet! I guess I'm just wondering if that's even something anyone would feel free to give me your input before I venture out on a failure of a limb! :)

Even as I type, our 6 month old cat is trying to sit on my hands, purring desperately for attention and some petting, our 3yr old lab is hiding in the hallway because its starting to thunder and the 1 yr old cat thinks she's too good to socialize with me and Milo. Her loss. Tomorrow I get to go grade some more lab sheets and work on a lecture on Trematodes! Fun right? Trematodes are a parasite in case anyone is wondering, and because I'm a major nerd I love Parasitology. I love being able to say those big long names and know all the weird and crazy things parasites can cause. Unfortunately it also makes me a paranoid pet owner...for example tonight I saw a slightly reddened patch on our dogs stomach and I was like "ringworm?? no, there's still hair there and its not round...a bruise?? no, not dark enough...." and then I saw a bug crawling on the floor and I could have SWORN it was a tick but it only had 6 legs so it couldn't have been...ah the perils of knowledge!

On another note, litterbox liners are amazing, cats can chew through a "cat kong" and growing kittens eat a LOT of food....but its time to sign out now, as I've clearly bored at least one member of my household to sleep with my ramblings (see photo below).

I hope everyone has a wonderful evening...peace out from the south!

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  1. Hey! i love that idea- we just got a siberian husky so that site would def be something i would read!!