Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Longest Month

I'll admit it, I'm depressed. Great way to start a blog post, right? Well I figure its better to be honest at least! This morning Mark left for a month of training in WA, so I'm missing him already and feeling pretty down that he's gone for such a long time. I didn't even feel like cooking dinner, so I had cereal. :-P Since his flight left around 11am, I've had pretty much all day to try to stay busy and I've tried to do just that. I did a bunch of cleaning/tidying around the house, washed dishes and wiped counters, ran to base to do some errands, went for a 2mi run at the gym, returned our movie from last night...and it was still only 5pm. Jordan is happy about the new situation though, as she gets the other half of the bed now, but only until Mark gets back. :-)

Mark and I have also been calorie tracking for several weeks now and it has made a big difference! I've already lost 5lbs, but I've got a bit more to go yet...I'm aiming for my pre-wedding weight! :) We usually get to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week but now that its just me, I'm going to try for every night, even if its just for a quick jog. 

I'm sure I'll stay busy, with three pets and a house to take care of, not to mention full time work! Plus I'm teaching a class this semester so that has definitely kept me quite busy!! I really want to be purposeful with my time when he's gone and not just get lazy once I'm home from work. I think its important for me to develop good habits now for future deployments...not that I'm looking forward to them I just think it will be benefit both of us.

Ah well, almost to the end of Day 1.....peace out from the south!

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