Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mississippi Adventures

You know how it see something in your house and think "This is the kind of photo you'd see in a magazine!" Unfortunately, I don't have a fancy camera or any training so this is the best I can do to capture a moment like that...

Along with gathering firewood for our little fire pit in the back yard, I've also been busy trying to get the house decorated. Its fun unpacking and putting to use things you maybe even forgot you had! haha...


These adorable baskets came from my dear friend Beth and I'm so happy to have such a fun way to use them!

My Wedding Bouquet :)

Since we're finally done moving we now have time to hang out, so this past weekend we hung out with our Sunday school leaders Mark and Phyllis Junkins and some other folks from the group at the Junkins' house to go Armadillo hunting.
Note: picture not from our hunting, it was already dead :-P


Now before I go any farther I'll just say that there was a purpose to was not simply killing for fun. But it was fun. But that's not the point. Anyways, after Mark cuts the hay in one of his fields the armadillo's always dig crazy holes all over while they're searching for food and these holes are very dangerous once he puts his cattle out in the field. Hence, the necessity of our actions. I was very excited because for as much as I love animals, there's still enough country girl in me to enjoy riding in the back of a pickup at night with flashlights and shotguns. :) The night was actually a little disappointing because we only got one armadillo after driving through four different fields. On the bright side, before it was dark enough for armadillo hunting we got a chance to shoot a little with Mark's gun and that was good because I need practice! 
All in all, it was a good night, fun fellowship with our Sunday school peeps and although my right elbow hurts today from the gun's kick I think I proved myself able to sufficiently aim and operate should I ever need to. 
Well, I hope everyone had as restful, relaxing and worshipful of a weekend as we did! :) Peace out from the South!

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